May 12

How to Publish Our Chiropractic Blog Articles In Blogger


In this video, I’m going to walk you through the steps on how to publish one of our articles using Blogger.

To get started, you’ll need to be logged in to the Blogger dashboard.

Once inside, click on the Create New Post icon.

You’ll then be taken to the New Post section.

The first field or box is where you’ll want to enter the title of your post.

The second field or bigger box is where you’ll paste the main content of our articles.

Since our articles are hand-coded in HTML, you’ll need to make sure that you choose HTML instead of Compose.

If you don’t, the links we’ve added that help with On-page SEO won’t work and the HTML tags we use for formatting will make the article look strange or even unreadable.

So go ahead and click the HTML button, then paste our article into the main content box.

You’ll then need to copy and paste the title of our article into the first field.

If you’d like to include the image we provided for the article, just click the Insert image icon that’s located on the toolbar, then click on Choose files so that you can navigate and select the image we provided for upload directly from your computer.

Most doctors prefer the image to be published at the beginning of the article.

If that’s your preference, just make sure your cursor is in front of the first sentence of the first paragraph before you click on Insert image.

Now that the image has been uploaded and inserted within the article, click the Publish button to take your new chiropractic blog post live.

And that’s it!

That’s all you need to know on how to publish our articles using Blogger.


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